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Floor plans

Ground floor

Reception (NIA)
936 sq ft / 87 sq m

First floor

Office (NIA)
6,878 sq ft / 639 sq m

Second floor

Office (NIA)
7,061 sq ft / 656 sq m

Third floor

Office (NIA)
6,598 sq ft / 613 sq m
Office space
Plans not to scale. Indicative size only.

Office specification


  • All services exposed on main office soffit.
  • Exposed soffit mounted fan coil units (VRF) for heating and cooling with refrigerant pipework. Fresh air is provided by soffit mounted exposed ductwork.
  • Plant rooms on 1st and 4th floors.
  • 150mm clear raised access floor for small power and data.


  • 2 means of escape, via 1 main core and 1 secondary escape stair serving all floors.
  • 5 no. unisex WCs & 1 no. unisex ambulant WC per floor.
  • Main MEP risers.
  • 2 no. 8 person DDA compliant passenger lift serving levels 00 to 03.
  • New stairs to both cores. Primary stair to be metal tray with concrete effect treads, secondary stair to be metal checkerplate.


  • 1 to 10 for AC, lifts and WCs, provision based on BCO 2014 (assuming 100% occupancy).
  • 1 to 6 for fire egress.


  • 44 no. cycle spaces in the basement.
  • 2 no. showers.
  • 1 no. DDA shower and WC.
  • 38 no. lockers.


  • Finished floor to ceiling heights from the top of the raised floor to the underside of the soffit is 3.2m for the first floor front, entire second and entire third floors, rising to 4.5m at the rear of the 1st floor.